Today we went to do coach approach, there was 6 sports the ones that I liked the best was baseball and lacrosse, it was  awesome.  The first thing we all learnt  in lacrosse was digging up the ball then we did a couple of races me and Matt won one time.   The first thing we learnt was our stance and then we did more races. Finn and I won two times, we came second once. But all of the events were great.

Help us save animals

imagine  if the person in front of you hit a animal and it died? it would be horrible.  We need to reduce the speed limit. They know animals live in the area  they are  just not responable.

We need some posters on the road to let people know they should be careful for wildlife.

In conclusion we need to take action with this problem we need tell people, make letters and fight for far.

Helen Radnedge’s visit

Helen Ranedge’s
Did you know before Hellen was a councillor she was a gardener at gisborne hard ware that’s how she started to like the invirnt. Helen grow up down in Keillor she moved here when she was 15 years old. Here children grow up here in Gisborne. In the council they don’t always agree but they solve it by voting and compromising. Helen favourite place is the nature reserve.

There are nine councillors and they work together to make decisions for the south ward on Wednesday the will be at meetings most of the day. in the whole council there are about 400 workers.

This talk helped me understand that if you would like to do something you can call them and they will think about it and maybe help you. Now I know that see something I know what to do.

Holiday poem

Bowling noisy and great

laser tag dark

footy cold on your hands and feet

went to the chocolate factory

we had a lesson and made chocolate

chocolate lolly pop bigger then my head

even chocolate tennis balls

leaving with loads of chocolate bags